Rejection is the nature of the acting biz. You’re in an audition with 30 others with a similar look and resume to your own and only 1 role. Naturally 29 ladies aren’t going to be happy. I get that. I accept that. I’ve learned to take that with grace. The assumption is always, that 1 lady had it. She read just a bit better than everyone else and, though I may have been good, I was not as great as she. I’m okay with that. However, I am not okay with the fact that, at a recent audition, I was the best. Not the self-proclaimed best. Not the “guy sitting next to me said I was” best. I mean the hands down best. Casting director told me I was the best. I was his choice. No contest. 3 days later, he calls to say I’m not getting the part. Paraphrasing, he said that I was the best. But the client has elected to not give me the part. This is my first first-hand experience with racial discrimination in the biz. It hadn’t happened to me directly before today. Speechless.

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