Last grasp on my sanity

Well, I figured I’d write a bit while I still have my sanity. I just finished the 2nd draft of my first script- a short/webseries that I’ll be producing with a couple of friends. (Some may think willingly engaging in such a project is already a question as to my sanity) Until now, I have mostly been in front of the camera. This should be a phenomenal learning experience being behind the scenes. I think, in a business such as this, education is essential. Yes, go to classes. Take workshops. Ask questions. But sometimes, you’ve gotta jump in there and get your hands dirty. Learn something by accident. Stumble upon a solution. Test something out first hand and be the one explaining to industry pals how its done. I believe that I will be better in my acting endeavors if I know all the different aspects that make a production wheel turn first hand.

This is, of course, assuming I remain sane enough during the entire production process to really take these new experiences and apply them later… um, I’ll keep you posted. I apologize in advance for any potential frantic posts in the coming few weeks.

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