What I learned from my cast mates…

Everything is a learning experience, right? Well here are a few things I learned from these awesome actors from the cast of upcoming horror film “The School” (AKA The Eugenist)

1) 3 legs make a tripod

2) Blood stains. Fake or otherwise

3) Alanis Morrissette and herbal tea? Both good.

4) Even a non killer can be pushed

5) Sometimes no matter how many times you kill em, some mothers just keep coming back!

6) Life is one giant position just waiting to be assumed

7) Waffle House in the middle of any downtown at 4 in the morning is a hub for crazies.

8 ) Fortunately, everything is much MUCH funnier at 4 in the morning

9) People can be imported. Just like diamonds

10) Awesomeness is color/age/race/etc. blind

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