And Then I Trekked West


Every now and then, I need a minute. Just to be away from my computer. To not have to write anything. To not have a jam-packed schedule of auditions, tapings, fittings, etc. Time to just regroup. Recharge. Reflect. Last month, I took a trip out west. And I got the opportunity to do a little hiking. Saw the Grand Canyon (amazing, btw. It’s like a giant oil painting-totally surreal). Take in some fresh air. Turn off the cell. Not check the email, and it was fantastic. Actual time alone with my thoughts. I made a lot of decisions. Next month I’ll begin a longer journey west. Truly embracing my passion and taking my acting career to LA more full time. There’s a lot of reasons I hadn’t made the choice until just recently, but the most important thing right now is that I’m ready. My mind hasn’t felt so clear and focused in a long time. And I learned a bit too. Not necessarily that I need to take a trek across the country every time I’m feeling wiped; but I do need to take some regular time out to just recoup. It’s more so than just balancing my schedule. I’ve actually gotten better about that. Its more about taking time to clear my thoughts. To wipe the slate and allow space for some fresh ideas. How else can I hope to grow?

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