My Subconscious Can Beat up your Subconscious


Had a dream last night I was mountain climbing. I was with people I didn’t know-but higher and higher we climbed. The higher we got, the more scarce the footholds became. They were getting smaller too. I remember in the dream, I was getting nervous because I was becoming aware of the likelihood that I was going to fall. One more step across an opening and we were going to be at our destination. Everybody else made it, and then it was my turn.

I saw the fall before it even happened. I began to plummet further and further. For some reason, the dream slowed down and I was falling in slow motion and very aware of my thoughts. I was thinking to myself “I can’t believe they did this to me. They set me up”. I knew someone wanted me to fall. And I wasn’t referencing the group of people-I was talking about one specific person. I was completely calm; I wasn’t afraid; I wasn’t bitter; I was just aware.

I closed my eyes and allowed my senses to take over: The cool air rushing past.. The faint screams of the people I was with calling after me… Usually in a dream, this is when people wake up- that moment when you know you’re about to hit the ground. But I didn’t wake up. I wasn’t worried. I just awaited that hit. And then it came- I splashed into a pool of water and swam to the surface.

My interpretation- My subconscious reminding me to have faith and to stop holding myself back from success. Yup- dream Nikita is mega deep.

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