A Boat Ride


My little sister is my homie.

We shared a room for the first 10 years of her life and built a bond that’s spanned across the years (and now across the country).

So when her best friend flaked on being her “plus one” for a mutual friend’s wedding cruise, I graciously volunteered.

I know. I’m so generous. Not everyone would be willing to cruise to Mexico, but what can I say, I’m a unique specimen 😉 .

Since sis lives in Pensacola, I had to fly out to Tampa to meet her. Basically I landed, she picked me up, I had a few minutes to buy a pair of sunglasses (yes, I forgot mine -_- ) then we were headed to the ship.


The first day was spent at sea, and was also the day of the wedding. It was a fun, small, simple ceremony. Then we all did fun cruise things, part of which involved swapping the heals for flats.

And how’s this for in-sync- sis and I both unintentionally brought matching dresses.

fancy people.jpg

Grand Cayman was our first stop. It was beautiful and, of course, a good time, but I wasn’t blown away. It really reminded me of certain parts of Key West. Essentially it was like every other Caribbean island I’ve been too with tons of touristy shops right on the docks, people pedaling tours and island paraphernalia.

grand cayman 3

It did, however, provide sis with the perfect opportunity to trick me into kayaking. She dangled a chill afternoon on the beach in front of me, then hit me with the ol’ okie doke at the last moment. To be clear, I’m not necessarily opposed to tiny little boats. For other people. But, since I can’t swim, I try to avoid taking them into the ocean.

grand cayman

Well, whatever. We went and I didn’t drown, so the day was chalked up as a win.

I insisted on coconut shrimp and she insisted on some souvenir shopping.

grand cayman2

The rest of the afternoon we sort of killed time and padded around the town with some of the other wedding peeps. There were plenty of little shops to peek in. I ended up finding a color-changing shirt for Little, which I kinda wish I’d gotten for me 😉 .

The next stop was Cozumel. This stop was the one I was most excited about because I’d been wanting to see the Mayan ruins.


Despite the 6 layers or so of bug repellent (apparently, the mosquitoes there are insane and bugs just love our blood) and the long trek on foot for food, the day was pretty spectacular.

The bus ride to the ruins gave us plenty of opportunity to take in the island and there were tons of great spots to stop for photo ops.


The food was amazing. We did tacos and margaritas and spending the day in town was a bit more of a unique experience than Grand Cayman. Its heavy to think on how heavily most of the locals rely on tourism. It made me more inclined to buy things that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise purchased.

I love that sis is always down for an adventure and, with us living on opposite sides of the country now, its always nice to have an excuse to spend a week together. And I totally forgive her for forcing me into a little plastic tube on water.




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