10 Things only Introverts will Understand

We are a special sort of breed, aren’t we? Reveling in our alone time and inwardly oriented, we occasionally get a bad rap as being antisocial or or cold. Truth is, we just don’t need to be surround by large groups to feel fulfilled.

And sometimes our friends just don’t get it, and we can’t really explain it. Here’s 10 things only introverts can understand:

  1. Boredom doesn’t really exist for us because we are so freakin awesome that we are content just being alone with ourselves.boredom
  2. Making plans, but secretly hoping they will be cancelled.
  3. The simple pleasure of working alone.
  4. “Get in and get out” is the goal before going pretty much anywhere.
  5. Texting always wins over placing a phone call.texting
  6. Deleting most Facebook event invites before even reading them.
  7. Always wanting to drive yourself to events so you can leave on your own time.
  8. Silently loathing your friends who decided to “Just drop by” after work. EMMA DUMONT, BAILEY BUNTAIN, JULIA GOLDANI TELLES
  9. Ordering online.
  10. Needing at least 3 weeks of mental preparation before hosting an overnight guest.

Fortunately for us, being an introvert has tons of social advantages. The biggest being that we are less like to make a major social snafu, like accidentally insulting someone.

Oh, and be patient with your extroverted friends for not fully understanding you. They only think they are helping you “come out of your shell” by forcing social activity upon you. They can’t help themselves.

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