How to Tell if you are an Introvert


Most people tend to view introverts and extroverts as complete extremes. The truth is, introversion and extroversion, like many other personality traits, lie within a spectrum.

Meaning, you can be introverted in some situations, but completely outgoing and social in others. Most people fall somewhere in between.

There are tons of introverts who are socially reserved and would prefer to stay home alone and Netflix with their pup as opposed to going to a big social event. But there are also plenty of introverts who enjoy going out and socializing. Surprisingly enough, many people who you think of as “social butterflies” may actually be quite introverted.

So, how can you tell where you may fit? Try one of these methods:

  1. Take a test  that’s super science-y and, therefore, is more than likely accurate.
  2. Take my short quiz below. Its not backed by science or anything solid, but its pretty fun and may be just as accurate.
  3. Listen to “Here” by Alessia Cara and see if any of the lyrics resonate with you.


  1. You arrived at a party before anyone you know has arrived. Do you:
    1. Fade into the corner and pretend to be doing something important on your phone
    2. Grab a drink and strike up a conversation with the nearest person
    3. Beeline for a conspicuous area and hope someone starts talking to you
  2. Your work-friend just got promoted and you are spontaneously asked to give a speech at her celebration dinner. Do you:
    1. Politely decline- she knows how proud you are
    2. Stand and deliver about a half dozen fun anecdotes
    3. Say a few choice words, then take your seat
  3. Its Friday night, your buds are busy, and you just realized you don’t have plans yet. Do you:
    1. Just kidding. You planned to not have plans
    2. Hit up the newest dive bar and make new friends
    3. Call and catch up with your parents
  4. You are in the elevator and another person gets in to join you. Do you:
    1. Keep scrolling through the ‘Gram and pretend not to notice
    2. Compliment them on their spiffy shoes then tell them where to go next time for a great deal
    3. Give them a half smile and a nod of acknowledgement
  5. You had plans to get together with a few friends tonight, but they go cancelled. How do you feel:
    1. Omg, so glad!
    2. Bummed.
    3. Disappointed, but no biggie


Mostly 1s: Oh my fellow introvert. You are totally cool hanging solo, and much prefer it to being in a big group. You still like to have a good time, of course, but striking up convo with strangers all night is not your idea of fun.

Mostly 2s: You are an extrovert and proud of it. Strangers to you are just friends that you haven’t met yet and life is way too short to spend it at home all day.

Mostly 3s: You fall somewhere in the middle of extrovert and introvert. You are totally cool rolling solo, but you are game for a night out as well. The thought of talking to a group of strangers doesn’t terrify you, but its not necessarily your preference.

Whatever you determine, remember that introversion exists on a continuum with extroversion, and you likely fall somewhere in the middle. You may even bounce back and forth between both. Also keep in mind that one is not better than the other. Its just a personality trait and both have their benefits and their challenges. Its all about learning who you are, and finding a way to make it work for you.

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