What to Wear for all Possible First Date Scenarios this Summer

Let’s just be real. Deciding what to wear for a first date is almost as stressful as the date itself.

You spend hours scrutinizing your closet, trying to account for every possibility and second-guessing your every decision. You send pics to you friends to get their opinions, check Insta for inspiration, and Yelp the restaurant for detailed pics of the ambiance.

Not to stress you out further, but what you wear on a first date does actually matter a little. It is no secret what they say about first impressions. If this is someone you haven’t met in person yet, this will be their first impression of you. You want your outfit to enhance your naturally charming and witty self, not distract from it. Not to mention the fact that you’ll naturally be more dazzling and relaxed if you feel comfortable and confident.

So this summer, lets go in fully prepared. Here are some ideas to help you through most possible first date venues:

  1. The Dinner Date: I feel like you just can’t go wrong with classic black here. Depending on where you are going, a LBD should do the trick. If you need something more casual, I’d pair skinny jeans and jewel colored top with a black blazer and heels. Remember that some things should be left to the imagination, so no need to show off too much. dinner date
  2. The Brunch Date: Keep it classy for brunch. Wardrobe should be light and breezy. I’d go with a  sundress or romper with a fun print paired with a chunky heel. brunch date
  3. The Lunch Date: Lunch is more casual than brunch, so your outfit should reflect that. Here I like a nice pair of printed pants and a simple top. lunch date
  4. The Beach Date: Unless you are actually planning to get in the water, I recommend skipping the suit for an airy sundress. If you do plan to swim, I’d go for a more modest suit. You want your date looking at you, not being overly distracted by your near-nakedness.beach date
  5. The Hike Date: Not every region has this problem, but what to wear on a hiking date is always a tricky one. You don’t want to go overly sporty if your date isn’t, but you don’t want to go too far in the other direction either. I say keep it simple with a pair of jeans and a tank. hike date
  6. The Concert Date: This is one of those dates where you really can have free reign. A cute dress or romper would be just as appropriate as a pair of jeans and heels. I usually go with a skirt and a cute top since its usually not overly casual, or too dressy. concert outfit
  7. The Game Date: Whats summer without taking in at least 1 ball game? Feel free to throw on your fav team’s ball cap, but don’t forget to pair it with something at least somewhat feminine. I like cutoffs, a fun tee, and a fun kimono for this. game date
  8. The Museum Date: You and your date are cultured af, and your outfit should reflect that. Keep it classy here with a pretty printed jumper and sensible shoes. Remember the amount of walking you’ll likely be doing. museum date
  9. The Happy Hour Date: I feel like “Happy Hour” is the new “dinner” when it comes to first dates. Its a great way to get to know someone without too much of a time commitment. Chances are, you will both be coming from work, so wear a look that day that goes from day to night. Jeans, heels and a colored blazer should do the trick. happy hour date
  10. The Coffee Date: Let’s not over think the coffee date. Its intentionally the shortest date and is likely more of a meet-and-greet to see if you even want to have a proper date. Go with something simple and classic. Jeans and a nice blouse or a pretty sundress should do the trick. coffee date

Remember, the key is to pick something that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. You don’t want to distract your date (or yourself) by constantly needing to make wardrobe adjustments. The whole point of a first date is to get to know the other person- your outfit should only enhance your naturally delightful self.

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