These are 11 Things We Should all do Before Summer is Over

I wouldn’t necessarily say summertime is my favorite season.

110 degree temperatures and muggy mornings aren’t necessarily my jazz. I’ll take an idyllic 75 degree afternoon over anything else all day everyday.

Even though I’ve been spending a lot of afternoons hibernating over the past few record-breaking heat days, I am still making the most of the summer.  School is out, cutoffs and frozen drinks are in. Here are 10 things I think everyone needs to accomplish sometime between the first day of summer and the last.

1. Take a road trip- You don’t have to go far or spend a lot to check this one off the list. But there’s just something so perfectly “summer” about hitting the open road on a spontaneous weekend whim. Pack the essentials (hint: food) and remember that getting there is part of the fun. Take your time and pull off for cheesy road side attractions. Take pics next to the “Worlds Largest…” or the “City’s Oldest…”

2. Watch a movie outside- This is one of my personal favorites in the summer, and there are no shortage of opportunities in SoCal. Grab lawn chairs or a blanket, and hit the park with your snacks in tow. Enjoy the cool summer air while watching the old classics on the big screen again.


3. Go out for ice cream- This is so basic that I almost feel silly mentioning it. But I think we get so busy in life that we forget to enjoy the simpler pleasures. Remember being a kid and thinking that, once an adult, you’d be able to have ice cream whenever and wherever you wanted? You owe a few summer trips to the local parlor to your young self.

4. Waste a day by the pool- Its not really a waste in my mind, but others may tell you differently. Go out there with a good new book and just lounge an afternoon away.

5. Barbecue- Its not even really summer if you don’t host or attend at least one barbecue. This is quintessential summer in my book. Joking in to the night with friends and family over good food is a perfect way to spend the evening.

6. Hit the beach (or lake)- I don’t really need an excuse to visit the beach, but summer seems as good a reason as any. Its a must on any summer bucket list. Since geography may make this a challenge for some, lakes are a perfectly acceptable alternate.


7. Do some purging- That was vague on purpose because purging can be removing unnecessary things from your life, or it can be removing unnecessary people. Either way, having a yard sale to get rid of unneeded junk from your garage is just as great a summer activity as going through your iPhone and removing unnecessary people.

8. Have a picnic- How perfect is packing up some lunch and eating it outside with that special someone? Or with your friends? Spend an afternoon lounging on a blanket in a park or on the beach. It may seem a bit old-school, but some of the classics never die.

9. Go hiking or camping- So, for me, its definitely going to be the former. I have no survival skills whatsoever to survive trying to accomplish a summer camp goal. But a summer hike is right up my alley and something I definitely recommend. Whichever you decide to do, keep the summer heat in mind and make sure you make health and safety a priority.


10. Take in some music- There will be no shortage of outdoor concerts this summer, and I think you should attend as many as you can. Lots of them will be free or economically priced, so try out different genres that you aren’t necessarily familiar with too.

11. Go to a ball game– Summer and baseball just go hand in hand in my mind. Try and pack in at least one trip to the ball park this summer. Junk food and enthusiastic fans always make for a great time.


Obviously, there is no shortage of stuff you can find to get into this summer. As long as you are having fun, you’re okay by me. Before we know it, we’ll be dusting off the coats and boots and preparing for snow storms (J/K- I live in SoCal).  Seriously though, flu season and cold nights are coming and we will be craving the days of frozen margaritas and late sunsets. Lets enjoy them while we can!



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