8 of My Favorite Places to go in Los Angeles Right Now

Going out and exploring LA is one of my favorite things. What’s the point in living in such an eclectic city if you’re not going to take full advantage? Here are some of my favorite places to eat and play in this great city.

  1. Ramen Hood in Grand Central Market Downtown- Fun fact- as a kid, my family lived in Japan for a couple of years. I didn’t retain any of the language, but my love for the cuisine hasn’t died. So I’ve tried dozens of Japanese restaurants from LA to OC. Ramen Hood is by far my favorite for ramen. Vegan ramen if that’s your jazz and fun ambiance of Grand Central Market just can’t be beat.
  2. EP & LP in West Hollywood- This is my go-to place when I find myself on the west side and in need of drinks. Its pretty much always packed of beautiful people and the views of the city at night are spectacular. Asian inspired menu with great drinks. IMG_1450
  3. Post & Beam in Baldwin Hills- Their Happy Hour menu is everything. Its such a great place to stop by after work. Prepare to wait for a spot to sit though. It’ll be totally worth it if you can find a seat! I love southern-inspired cuisine and this place has a great spin on some of my favorites.
  4. Runyon Canyon– LA locals will all tell you there are at least 15 better places to get in a hike in the metro area, and I don’t entirely disagree. But I have to say, when I need a quick fix, this is my go-to place. Its centralized, not overly long of a hike, and its intense enough that I always feel the burn afterwards. Park down in the neighborhood and be sure to pay attention to signs! IMG_1223
  5. Eighty Two in the Arts District. This is a bar, but I usually go on my way to or from some other bar to play in the arcade. They have all the old classics and no shortage of fan humans. Prepare to wait in line if you want to play a more popular game. And keep in mind it is still a bar, so you will need ID to get in.
  6. Fisherman’s Village in Marina del Rey. I can’t really explain my fascination with this place, but I really love it. Its very small, but quiet and a fun place to walk around and look at boats. I usually grab an ice cream to watch the seals play or rent a bike to ride up the coast. IMG_3882
  7. Old Town Pasadena- This is pretty close to home, and I wander around here regularly. There are plenty of good restaurants, bars and shops to fill up an afternoon.
  8. The Broad- Located downtown, this is one of my favorite museums. I love contemporary art and something about the whimsical pieces here just always make me happy. It is a popular museum, so definitely try to get tickets in advance. Otherwise I’d say show up early during a week day and you should be okay. IMG_4949

There are so many other great gems, which is why I limited myself to 8. I could literally sit here all day writing about the great places. The other fun thing about LA is that new restaurants and shops are always popping up. There is no shortage of things to explore.

What are some of your favs when you’re in LA?

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