The Challenge of Relaxation

Last month in Mexico, my dad pointed out that I wasn’t relaxing properly.

I was on the couch a second, then I was off the couch. I went up to the roof to look at the ocean for a few minutes, then I came back from the roof looking at the ocean.

We rented a house out in the suburbs, mostly marooned from the city, and I was faced with the concept of a lot of free time. Like, a lot.

Of course family was around and there was plenty of time spent joking, eating, and drinking with them. But we were rained in. And often times, we all went our own separate ways to do our own separate things. I finished the book I brought after the 2nd day, so often times, I found myself roaming around the house aimlessly.

Something about life these days- not sure if I want to blame the millennial mindset or the LA hustle- but I’m just used to GOING mostly non-stop until I finally opt to carve out some time for myself to just be. So I spent my relaxation time feeling like I should be doing something. I felt restless and anything but relaxed.

Flash forward to now and I’m still running around like a crazy person.  So I’ve decided to incorporate a few little changes to my day that I hope will help me get a little closer to relaxing.

  • I’m getting back to meditating before bed
  • I’ve been powering down my devices the last hour of my day
  • Making time to read
  • Doing something active outside at least once a week (hiking, jogging, walking the hood, etc)
  • Catching up on some TV

Nothing scientific about what I’m doing, but I feel like mental health encompass several different components, and finding balance in everyday life is one of them. Making a conscious effort to take care of ourselves is an important necessity that most of us ignore.

What do you do to relax?



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