What Have I Been Up To Lately?

I’m going to be honest here- I have plenty of perfectly grand talents, but gushing about myself isn’t necessarily one of them.  Like, I’ll be low key in my world hustling and being awesome, but no one knows because I don’t typically mention it. Then I get an angry call from a friend like “I just saw you on a commercial. Why didn’t you tell me…?!” So, my apologies in advance if/when that happens. I just don’t think to share stuff like that. I’m going to blame being a middle child here. Not sure its relevant, but it feels relevant.

This revelation inspired me to discuss what I’ve been up to this past year, just to cover my “self-promotion” bases. Hoping this minimizes angry calls 🙂 I started a little side business doing freelance spokesperson work for startups. To simplify that, clients give me their goals, and I come up with a script, film, edit and deliver. All from the little studio I set up in my apartment. Over the past year, I’m happy to say the business has grown quite a bit. Here is a recent video:

So, that’s me. (Or my legs and editing chops, anyway.) Always creating something new, though not necessarily overly chatty about it. What can I say? I’m an artist. My work should speak for itself anyway, right?


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