The 20th Day of 2019 Check In

Now that we are a few weeks into the new year, I like to really think upon my plans for the upcoming months.

I know most people tend to do this before the new year happens, but I like to be a bit more deliberate in my planning. Its impossible to expect that, just because the date is January 1, that everything will suddenly be different- like a flipped switch.

Realistically, change takes time, focus, and determination. More so than that, it takes tenacity. You have to truly see what you want- to feel it in your bones. So for me, I like to let the festivities of the holidays die down,  get back into my normal routine,  eat my normal foods and engage in my normal shenanigans. This normalcy with a consciously creative, dissecting mentality, allows me personally to more easily reflect upon my life and what improvements I’d like to make.

So here I am…3 weeks in, and really thinking about my plans for the year. I don’t make resolutions in the way that most do. Meaning, I don’t necessarily set my hopes for the coming year. For me, its more of the things that I must do, and my planning phase is more about how I plan to execute them.

So I have more of a checklist. Some are small- like, I’d really like to finally unpack those last couple of boxes from my move. Others a bit bigger. Still, I thought I’d share my top 9.

  1. Finally unpack those last couple of boxes 🙂 I’m serious about this!
  2. Plan and execute “Operation Little Sister’s Bachelorette Party.” Happy to report this is coming along nicely.
  3. Grow the biz- this is way too long and complicated to try and quickly summarize, but its coming along too. Phase 2 moves into place next month!
  4. Call more. Everyone. I’m really bad about calling, and honestly just keeping in touch in general. I’m making a conscious effort to call the people in my life that matter to me.
  5. Trying my Pinterest pins. Am I the only one who has a million things pinned on Pinterest, but has yet to actually execute any of them?
  6. Patience. Just in general. I’m not a patient person and I know and accept this about myself. But I’ve actively been counting to 10 in my head when I feel myself getting restless. Its hasn’t actually helped yet, but at least it brings to my attention the fact that I’m being impatient and stops me from saying something snotty.
  7. Write more. Writing is one of those creative outlets that’s always been important to me, and its one that I think I’ve neglected a bit the second half of 2018.
  8. Sleep. If you know me, you know I don’t sleep. Meditating and no electronics before bed seem to be my key to a consecutive 6 hours.
  9. Travel- Yea, this is always on the list. My favorite one to check off.

How are you doing with your goals? Don’t panic if you’ve slipped. There’s still 345 days left in the year to get back on track. Remember its about setting attainable goals and holding yourself accountable to achieve them. No one can give you the life you want for yourself except you.

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