The Thing About Self Care

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.


I’ve had back to back trips for work, followed by a trip to Virginia. I’ve had road trips, lots of uber rides, multiple time zones, and back-to-back all-nighters for basically a full week straight. I planned and executed a bachelorette party for my sister, then played maid of honor at her wedding.


Basically, I spent the better part of two weeks tending to everything and everyone but myself. And finally this week, my body started to punish me for it.

I felt my energy decline drastically, I started feeling sickly as if I had a bad case of the flu, and just generally didn’t feel well.


Finally I caved and went to the doctor and was delivered a lecture, instructions to rest, and multiple antibiotics.


There were other factors that led to my being sick, of course, but focusing on self-care would have helped me see the signs. Busy days mean sometimes we neglect things and need a gentle reminder to slow down and practice self care.


Here are some tips to infuse in your day when you feel like you are running nonstop:

  • Take a few deep breaths. Even if the only moment you have to breathe deeply is while sitting on the toilet, do it.
  • Put your phone down for thirty minutes. Its not as hard is it might seem.
  • Read a book instead of scrolling through social media. Give your brain a digital detox.
  • Do some simple stretches while at your desk. Even small activity can make a big impact on your day.


Don’t worry, I’m feeling more myself now. I still have to take it easy, of course, but every day I feel my energy returning. And I’ve been using some of my bed/couch time to truly relax, catch up on my reading/writing, and truly realign my focus

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