The Secret Entrepreneur Facts No One Tells You

Or maybe they did tell you, but, like me, you ignored them.

So, I’ve been on the entrepreneur or “side hustle” or “boss babe” or whatever you want to call it train for about 7 years now. I’ve been a photographer, host, actress, model, brand ambassador, on-camera spokesperson, graphic designer, video editor, online shop owner, content writer, and producer, just to name a few.

We all know the perks of working for yourself: freedom, earning potential, being your own boss, and theoretical work/life balance.

But there are some things that we briefly mention, but opt not to dwell on around entrepreneurship as well.

For starters:

  1. You won’t sleep, like, ever No, seriously. There’s so much to do and only a few hours in the day to do it. You’ll stay up late, wake up early, and probably have restless sleep since you have 30 billion work thoughts running through your mind.
  2. You’ll miss all kinds of social things Maybe your friends will get it, and maybe they won’t. But when you are in the midst of launching a business, happy hours and brunch on Sundays often have to be skipped.
  3. You’ll “quit” at least 3 times Something is going to go wrong and its going to be the straw that almost breaks the camel’s back and you are going to be right there on the verge of quitting. You’ll talk yourself off the ledge, but boy will you be super close to jumping.
  4. You’ll have your business brain on all the time You’ll find yourself accidentally thinking ROIs and marketing opportunities at the most random of times.
  5. You will lose and gain people in your life As I mentioned, not everyone is going to understand the hustle and grind. Some just won’t stick through with you until the end. But thats ok, because you’ll gain great and supportive crew members on the journey
  6. You’ll feel the financial strain Its going to be hard sometimes. It just is.

Obviously, some of these are the reasons entrepreneurs quit. Not everyone makes it. It takes a certain toughness and resiliency to power through some of the struggles. But I think every hustler out there will agree the  perks and thrills of powering through are three times more plentiful than this list. Its all worth it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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