10 Things all Adults Should Know how to Do

Growing up isn’t always fun, which is why people try to put it off for as long as possible. Unfortunately, you will be expected to eventually function as a proper adult. A major part of this process involves acquiring more skills- sort of like when you level up in a video game.

In order to be able to non-ironically use the hashtag “adulting,” here are 10 things all full-fledged adults should be able to do.

  1. Cook basic meals– Look, no one is saying you need to be able to Beat Bobby Flay, but with the Food Network and YouTube existing in life now, there’s no excuse for you not being able to put together a simple omelette or a pot of spaghetti. Image result for black people cooking
  2. Ride a bike– In case you didn’t get around to this when you were five, now is absolutely the time. Its one of those skills that once you learn, you’ll never forget. You likely won’t need it everyday, but you’ll be really grateful for it when the need arises- like when on vaca in other countries. Image result for bike gif
  3. Handle simple car maintenance– I waited on the side of a road for a tow truck for 6 hours once. It was after an accident so the car wasn’t drive-able, but imagine waiting that long for something you could handle yourself- like changing the tire. Everyone should know how/where to add a quart of oil to their car and how to access and change the tires.
  4. Manage a budget– Its your money. You should know by now when to spend and when to tuck some of it away for a rainy day.
  5. Dress for the occasion– You should know your body now and what looks/styles look and feel great on you. Knowing what to wear to an interview or a wedding are skills all adults should master. Image result for underdressed
  6. Navigate your town without a phone– Dead batteries, forgotten chargers, power outages, etc can all happen. They shouldn’t hinder you from getting where you need to be on time.
  7. Manage your time– You’re too old now to show up everywhere late. You should know how to plan for traffic, weather, meetings running over, and all the other things that can affect your appointments.
  8. Pair wine to a meal– Even if you don’t drink wine, you should know the basics of when to choose a white and when to choose a red.Image result for black people with wine
  9. Tolerate kids– We get it. You’re not a “kid person.” That’s okay. You don’t have to be. But your friends and siblings or co workers will have kids at some point. You need to be able to smile politely and interact with them in a pleasant way
  10. Talk to strangers– Now that you’re in adulthood, its time to master the fine are of small talk. From social gatherings to work events, you will often need to strike up conversations from nothing.

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