The Little Paper Terrorist

So, for the past several weeks, I’ve been writing my next project. I’ve never worked on one like this before, and its not easy. I think I hate it. Well, actually I love it, but the line between the two is really thin, right? I hate the way it makes me think about it all the time. I hate that friends call me, and instead of calling them back, I sit at my computer and work on this thing. I hate that even in auditions, callbacks, and shoots, its at the back of my mind- nagging at me to finish … Continue reading The Little Paper Terrorist

And Then I Trekked West

Every now and then, I need a minute. Just to be away from my computer. To not have to write anything. To not have a jam-packed schedule of auditions, tapings, fittings, etc. Time to just regroup. Recharge. Reflect. Last month, I took a trip out west. And I got the opportunity to do a little hiking. Saw the Grand Canyon (amazing, btw. It’s like a giant oil painting-totally surreal). Take in some fresh air. Turn off the cell. Not check the email, and it was fantastic. Actual time alone with my thoughts. I made a lot of decisions. Next month … Continue reading And Then I Trekked West

Hosting and Stuff

I love fashion week. Its one of my favorite seasons. Not just because the big name designers are debuting their new lines, but also because you can learn about the new local designer who is debuting their line in a tiny lounge down the street. And fashion oozes out of every attendees pours. The fashion elite come out of the woodworks and this is when I truly like to see whats new in fashion. I’ve been having a blast hosting the shows with Inside Couture. Interviewing designers, models, etc. Such a great learning process. And I get an excuse to … Continue reading Hosting and Stuff

Sharing is Caring

Cheesy title, yes. But I know its been a while, so I feel like I should do a quick purge of all the details of my past couple months. I’ll avoid rambling. I get caught up in work stuffs and I forget to take time to step back and reflect on it all. The past two months have found me filming out of state, co-producing and starring in a project I wrote, shooting my first national (actually worldwide) SAG commercial, and planning out my 2012. Busy times. Great things blossoming. Exciting new possibilities. All the things that I love. I honestly can’t believe how blessed I have been. It forces me to take the much needed time to look back at my acting journey. I have probably said this before, but if you’re doing something you love; something you’re passionate about; something you are fully fine with spending every moment of your day on, that’s wonderful. But whats the point if you don’t allow yourself actual time to enjoy it? To celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes? To share your found love with family and friends? So, yeah, I’m trying to follow my own advice.

Continue reading Sharing is Caring