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Road Trip to Yosemite

29 Jul


yosemite big dome sunset

Yosemite is one of those places that has been on my bucket list for years, and after seeing it, I’m glad it was.

yosemite 7

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It’s very much unlike anything I’ve ever seen. With the massive rocks, big waterfalls, and trees for days, you really can spend days getting lost among its trails.

Yosemite Big Dome Sunset Nikita Turk

Unfortunately, I only really had a day. Still, I managed to pack a lot into my short time there. I saw Half Dome, the falls, El Capitan, and the explored the Valley and its little shops.

El Capitan Yosemite

The toughest thing about the trip was hiking to the upper falls. Its basically like climbing a flight of stairs for 2 and a half hours. Couple that with the fact that it was about 90 . Or the new cupcake shop that opened in Old Town. I’m flexible 😉

yosemite 6


Three Years Later…Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

17 May


I’ve been meaning to hike up to the Hollywood sign pretty much since I moved here.

3 years ago.

What can I say? I’ve been busy.

But this weekend the weather was perfect, the calendar was clear, and all the other cards fell into place for the hike.

If you’ve never hiked up to the sign before, there are a few different routes you can take. I took the Canyon Road route so that I could hike up behind the sign. It gets you a little closer to the sign than a front hike.


I decided to try and plan it in that sweet spot of the day where, perhaps, things wouldn’t be too insane with tourists, pups, families of 12, etc. So hike buddy and I went around noon. We lucked out and found parking right away on the little dirt lot just off Canyon Road.

The trail is easy enough to find and navigate. Pretty much follow Canyon and you’ll hit it. There’s a map right at the entrance too, to help guide you.

Despite all my careful planning, we started the hike before remembering to swing by Batman’s cave. These were the manmade caves used in the 1960s Batman series. I’d’ wanted to go before the hike in case I was too sore and tired afterwards. But we were already 10 minutes in before I remembered.

The hike itself is pretty intense. Its legit, uphill hiking in unrelenting sun. Fortunately, the temp was only in the upper 60s. I’d imagine the hike could be pretty brutal in summer California heat.


There were tons of great photo ops on the way up. There’s a point where you can see Burbank and the Valley. You’ll pass horses and see stables down below as well. Its really a scenic and pleasant hike.


At the top, there’s a fence keeping you from getting too close to the sign. Its also right by a police post of sorts. An officer came out to yell at someone for leaving their bike in the wrong spot, so apparently they really are watching. There weren’t a ton of people on the uppermost little cliff, maybe 10 or so. It was peaceful with amazing panoramic views of the city.


After you take it all in, the trek back down is easy peasy.


Of course on the way out, I got to play Batman in the Batcave 🙂 .




Top 10 Reasons Kids are doing it Right

2 Oct


Ever hear that saying “Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten”?  It basically talks about sharing, being a good friend, and how to take care of yourself. Really good, solid life lessons. But, have you ever thought about what would happen if we as adults could still get away with some of things that kids can? How much better the world would be? Think about it. Kids can:

1. Walk up to a strange kid in  the park and ask “wanna be best friends?” Imagine walking up to a complete stranger in the mall and saying “Hey! You’re wearing jeans and I’m wearing jeans too! We have so much in common! Wanna be my new best friend?!

2. Have a huge fight with a friend, then instantly forgive them. Remember this: your friend won’t share with you. So you say “I’m not your friend anymore!” Then two seconds later, the shiny stickers are gone, you’ve therefore forgotten the offense, and you’re playing together again. When’s the last time you’ve instantly forgiven someone for what you’d deemed a major crime?

4. Assume only the best of everyone. Once I worked at summer camp with very young kids. They were all preparing to go to various kindergartens in the fall. I asked them to draw a picture of what their new teacher and friends at their new schools would be like. Ten students, every single one of them drew their new classmates and teachers with happy, smiling faces. None could even imagine anything different.

5. Laugh. Library, church, funeral.. No one would look twice at the kid rolling around on the floor in side-splitting hysterics. Admit it- you’re in a meeting with your boss, and he’s being all serious.. You kinda want to laugh.

6. Live everyday like its an adventure. Things have been bleak. There’s not much food. Little water. The last hope for the masses (or, at least, for the family) is for you and mom to cross the dreary terrain. If you could just make it from aisle one to aisle seventeen, there might (just might) be hope for mankind.

Remember that? Just going to the grocery store with your mom was epic.

7. Imagine limitlessly. Suppose someone presented you with a problem. How can I get to [blank] in time to [blank], for example. And your response was allowed to include unicorns, magic bubbles, fairy dust, and chocolate chip cookies. Granted, it may not be entirely helpful at the moment, but limitless innovation is always beneficial in the long run.

8. Love unashamedly. You’re never left guessing how a kid feels about those around them. Kids aren’t afraid to hug their family and friends. And they can just as easily dish out a “you’re mean and I don’t like you”.  

9. Share their cookies with a stranger they just met. How freaked would you be if a grownup on a train offered your kid a cookie from an open container? A kid does it, and its automatically cute and sweet that they’re sharing

10. Skip everywhere. I’m not sure this technically would make the world better, but it’d definitely make it more fun. And make for better people-watching. Adults of all ages skipping through the aisles of their local Target? That’s gold.